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With almost half of global insect species in decline, it’s clear that we could all be doing something to improve and encourage biodiversity. In this article, Nicky Roeber, Online Horticultural Expert at Wyevale Garden Centres shares his top tips for choosing plants that will help insects thrive in your garden.
Permaculture Convergence 2019 event advert
When we asked what memories people had of attending permaculture events and the effect it had on them we were bowled over by the response. Of course, we know that permaculture events are brilliant, with great workshop programmes, conversations and food, but maybe we underestimate the scale of the positive impact they have! Read about the butterfly effect of past events below.
Brake The Cycle and the Permaculture Association are collaborating to bring you a brand new thing in 2019: cycle-powered adventures in permaculture design!
Ryan Sandford-Blackburn remembers convergences he's been too over the past few years. He gives a taste of what a convergence is like and what to expect when you go to one.
Hockerton Housing Project hosted a fruit tree pruning workshop through the Permaculture Ambassadors Local Gathering fund, designed to share permaculture principles more widely within our communities.