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On the 22 - 24 July, there was a small, but perfectly formed Eastern Permaculture Gathering at the Inkpot. We enjoyed perfect weather, fantastic food, great company, inspiring conversations and a brilliant range of great workshops.

So, the first North East of England Permaculture Convergence went better than the organisers could have expected! We would have been happy with 30 to 50 folk but we went over our maximum capacity and reached 120. The day was perfect - good weather, no technical hitches and plenty of help.

We recently met with our funder (LUSH Cosmetics) to discuss PIRN. We agreed that PIRN is still developing and its final form is not yet clear. We identified eight possible future activities.

I left Britain on the day of the Brexit announcement. A train to Spain for a conference in the beautiful city of San Sebastian, in the Basque region, to explore with people from around the world the Art of Collaboration!

Away from the turmoil, joy, sadness and soul searching resulting from the Brexit result, I had time to think, within a creative and nurturing space, about how we – as the Permaculture Association - might respond.

Writing this piece in the wake of the UK's vote to leave the EU, and after having recently watched both A Simpler Way – Crisis as Opportunity and Rob Stewart's excellent Revolution, my thoughts have centered on the meaning of 'edge'.