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Emmy Jenkins writes about her post National Permaculture Convergence 2018 experience at the LUSH Showcase in Manchester.

Woodside Arran was founded 2 years ago, in October 2016, by Jenny and Andy MacDonald. Their vision is to build a diverse food network on the Isle of Arran that encompasses organic growing techniques, permaculture design principles and regenerative agricultural practices.

On the tip of the media tongue, Brexit is rocking the boat across all industry sectors in our complex economy. By leaving the EU, we’re making the decision to bypass European policy in favour of our own ability to craft self-sustainable, resilient, dynamic policy for our own nation. Despite Britain’s wartime success in de-energising and reducing consumption, our economy and political landscape has changed dramatic since this example of self-efficacy.
Earth from space

The Permaculture Association’s Research Coordinator Chris Warburton Brown responds to this week’s IPCC Report:

Having taken part in both the earlier gatherings, I was aware of the opportunities and inspiration that such get-togethers provide and wondered about the possibility of such an event taking place in 2018, and talked to others about the idea. A group of people formed and series of meetings took place with a view to making it happen.