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'I would strongly recommend that any educator, no matter where they are on the permaculture journey, obtain a copy of this brilliant and uplifting book. The Children in Permaculture Manual is a very helpful key that actively unlocks clear understanding of permaculture as a vision of the future, for children. ' - Matt Willer
Education is evolving through the influence of Permaculture Design. Teachers everywhere are exploring alternatives to lecture based learning. Bringing education into the garden and forest gives it a new life along with the ability to engage all the senses, learning styles and types of intelligence.
It's going to take a lot of imagination to take us forward and really scale-up the positive change we know is possible. By linking up people from different bio-regions and having the space to let our imaginations run free, the national convergence is the perfect time to bring it all together.

by Celia Ashman, COO, Permaculture Association

There’s a lot of talk about ‘right livelihood’ in permaculture circles. I’ve always been unsure about the term – if there’s a ‘right’ livelihood, that means there’s a ‘wrong’ one too, and who decides which is which? I felt the term didn’t apply to me as I didn’t want to earn money from either of those things.