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The Permaculture Association has been supporting permaculture practitioners and teachers to create thriving communities across Britain for over 30 years. In 2016 we launched the Thriving Communities project to ensure that permaculture is reaching those in the greatest need.

RetroSuburbia is an extraordinary and magnificently crafted guide on living abundantly in uncertain times. Part manifesto, part manual, this is the book you and I did not realise we were waiting for!

David Holmgren asks, “Aren’t we all craving real world ways to make an impact, and make our lives feel significant in the face of the global challenges we face?”

Put simply people in families, tribes, cities, nations, countries and religions got on much better if they were all ‘singing from the same song sheet’ all believing they were going in the same direction following the same customs, beliefs & rules. From the earliest times tribes sat around campfires telling stories, giving meaning to an individuals existence within the collective. As tribes became nations, countries and religions their collective stories may have changed through history but always the intention was to bind the people together. Eventually as science began to discredit some of the narratives religions had relied on; as the industrial revolution took off around the world, science itself along with it’s paymaster capitalism began to offer a New Story which has evolved into consumerism.
Has anyone else noticed we have approximately 3 weeks left of burning fossil fuels before we go past the IPCC's medium estimate for sticking to 1.5°C rise in global warming? Massive change is needed now.
In April 2006 I bought a dilapidated 1920s local authority house in Writtle, Essex. With the help of my two sons Django and Aidan and friends John and Tim, we commenced a three-year experiment. We wanted to see if we could design and build an eco-retrofit, extension and permaculture garden from the plot. The aim was to create a prototype home that could demonstrate the possibility that a huge proportion of existing UK housing stock could be retrofitted to meet A or B Energy Performance Certificate ratings.