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https://www.permaculture.org.uk/about/joinWhy do people take a Permaculture Design Course? What are their expectations and what is their actual experience of it?

These are questions Sophie Roach explored when interviewing previous participants of the Social Landscapes Permaculture Design Course, Creating Resilient Communities, in 2016. Below are a few excerpts of the five stories she wrote.

In the first of a series of articles on the importance of rootedness in Wales, Marit Parker challenges permaculturists to value Welsh approaches and perspectives as part of the UK tradition.

We are currently advertising for four new members of staff, all in newly created roles. This post will explain more about the background to the posts.

It was New Year 2015, and I was on a new diet.

A “putting eastern food back into my life” diet!

I had just returned to the UK after 6 years living in China. It wasn’t the first Christmas I’d come back for so I was used to the glut that the festive season brings but successional changed in my natural gut flora over the years meant I found it really difficult to return to a full-time diet of cold meat sandwiches, biscuits and beer.

Over the last year I have started finding a much-needed rhythm to my life. I feel this has been partially due to my Shamanic studies as well as my continued learning about permaculture design methodology and how it can help design all areas of a person's life. I have started surveying and assessing the way my house works for us as a family.