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Following a recent survey, the Permaculture Scotland Policy Working Group have identified the following issues as being very close to the hearts of our members. 

· Land reform and availability
· Food security
· Climate resilience
· Land & nature stewardship
· Community empowerment

Carraig Dúlra, a permaculture education and research project, created by Mike and Suzie Cahn 10 years ago is a social enterprise. Suzie teaches many courses on and off site in school and community gardens, and together with a local group they run a vegetable box scheme called OOOOBY.

Here (to the right of the page) are the research results of a master thesis by Sarah Daum.

We live in a street of Victorian terraced houses in Worthing, where the modern curse of paving-over front gardens for off-road parking means that very little rainwater is getting the chance to soak into the ground. In addition, the down-pipes at the front of every alternate house gush straight out into the road. At times of heavy rain this is quite a torrent. As part of Claire’s Diploma in 2011 we decided to build a rain garden, thereby applying the first permaculture principle of Observe and interact.