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Permaculture Scotland are delighted to announce that Groundworks in partnership with the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ initiative have awarded funding to build a children's permaculture forest garden at the Hidden Mill, a Permaculture ScotLAND Learner site in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

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This post shares some content from the Spring 2016 issue published in March.

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Recently arrived in Leeds, I am the new intern that will be part of the management of the PIRN project. My name is Ilaria, I am from Napoli (Italy) and I will be working at the Permaculture Association until September 2016.

In the first year of its life, the Permaculture International Research Network (PIRN) has achieved a huge amount. Now we need to diversify and secure funds and support from more sources. 

The Retreat is a mental hospital in York which is famous throughout the world for being the start of ‘Moral Treatment’ in the late 1790s. It has always been run by a Quaker charitable foundation, and moral treatment became a worldwide movement which recognised that people with mental health disorders were not to be locked away and treated worse than animals - but that they deserved to be dealt with in a humane way, with compassionate care.