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In the first year of its life, the Permaculture International Research Network (PIRN) has achieved a huge amount. Now we need to diversify and secure funds and support from more sources. 

The Retreat is a mental hospital in York which is famous throughout the world for being the start of ‘Moral Treatment’ in the late 1790s. It has always been run by a Quaker charitable foundation, and moral treatment became a worldwide movement which recognised that people with mental health disorders were not to be locked away and treated worse than animals - but that they deserved to be dealt with in a humane way, with compassionate care.

The Primrose Earth Awareness Trust (PEAT), which welcomed thousands of children and adults to its education site on an organic farm near Hay-on-Wye, Powys, held its closing celebration last August, with a generous donation to build permaculture in Wales.

News from Welsh National gathering at Lammas Ecovillage, Pembrokeshire,  June 2016.

Newyddion o Gynnulliad Paramaethu Cymru ym Mhentre-eco Lammas Sir Benfro, Mehefin 2016

We are excited to be announcing our annual gathering, which will be held in the beautiful border town of Coldstream in the Scottish Borders Fri 3rd - Sun 5th June. Home to the inspirational ScotLAND Centre of Garden Cottage - the oldest intentional Forest Garden in Britain, of which there will be tours