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The Primrose Earth Awareness Trust (PEAT), which welcomed thousands of children and adults to its education site on an organic farm near Hay-on-Wye, Powys, held its closing celebration last August, with a generous donation to build permaculture in Wales.

News from Welsh National gathering at Lammas Ecovillage, Pembrokeshire,  June 2016.

Newyddion o Gynnulliad Paramaethu Cymru ym Mhentre-eco Lammas Sir Benfro, Mehefin 2016

We are excited to be announcing our annual gathering, which will be held in the beautiful border town of Coldstream in the Scottish Borders Fri 3rd - Sun 5th June. Home to the inspirational ScotLAND Centre of Garden Cottage - the oldest intentional Forest Garden in Britain, of which there will be tours

In 2014, the UN announced that more than 50 million people were living forcibly displaced from their homes for the first time since the Second World War. In Europe, Australia, the US and elsewhere there is widespread talk of a ‘migration crisis’ with governments panicking and erecting walls, fences and military defences to keep people out.

Anyone who has studied permaculture will have come across David Holmgren’s principle of ‘Use and Value Diversity,’ as well as Bill Mollison’s principle that ‘The problem is the solution’. So in an era of increasing diversity and a perceived ‘problem’ of growing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers, how can the permaculture community respond?

Recently I was asked to give a talk about gardening to a small group of environmentalists, after all of my excuses for not doing so - which were primarily a lack of confidence and not having a projector - were swept away, I decided to buy a projector and knuckle down to the task. As I thought more about the content of the talk, I decided to call it ‘My Sustainable Gardening Journey’. Below is a shortened version of the talk.

Allan Rowell writes here about his discovery of permaculture, enrolling on a Permaculture Design Course, and explains how everyone gardens.