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The new Lush Spring Prize is giving away £200,000 for social and environmental regeneration. Prize-winners will be decided by a panel of judges reflecting a range of networks including Permaculture, Transition, Biomimicry and Food Sovereignty. Projects from around the world are invited to apply (closing date February 28 2017). Is your project eligible?

The Permaculture Association have arranged with Paul Sandford of Albert Square Mediation Limited (ASM) that in 2017 he will if required undertake voluntary, pro bono, online (Skype) mediations for our organisation.

by Peter Stopp

Permaculture Association member Peter Stopp shares his reflections on the day at Graceworks, 19 November 2016.

As part of our quarterly Paramaethu Cymru coordinators’ meeting we include a site visit treat! This time we visited dedicated eco builders Debbie and Julian who also happen to grow the most amazing salad, veg and soft fruit.

Are you a yogurt knitting hippy in the eyes of an old farmer? How your entrepreneurial spirit can utilise waste streams? What is the best way to add bees to your design? Can you "permaculture" a hotel? How can we create examples for young people, so that they choose the permaculture route for building their livelihoods? How do we approach planners so that they help us? How can your permaculture business become the beacon of hope around the world?