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Congratulations, we have officially broken the back of winter and from here on in light and temperature levels will slowly start to improve. Certainly the light levels bit is guaranteed...This month we offer you some excellent advice from permaculture friend and no-dig guru, Charles Dowding. Topics discussed include: what you can sow now, advice on potting compost, and his zero fossil fuel hot-bed propagator system.

Every year seems to see new regional and local permaculture gatherings springing up across the country, organised by groups of members. Theres a diverse calendar of events planned for the coming seasons.

Below is a list of those we currently know about. Don't forget, if you're a member, you can list your own events on the network noticeboard as well as sell tickets to them via our website. Members will be able to get discounted tickets the national convergence.

The new Gardens of Sanctuary project was presented to the Oxford Real Farming Conference this week by Ben Margolis from The Grange and Sophie Antonelli from the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens.

Ben and Sophie are working with City of Sanctuary and the Permaculture Association to support growing spaces around the UK to become places of welcome and sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers.

Tree dressing
Over the past few months, Permaculture Ambassadors have held local gatherings across the country. We hear from two in this blog at the extremes of England - one in North East England and the other the South East. If reading about these inspires you to organise your own local gathering, then visit the Ambassadors webpage to find out more about how to apply for funding for Spring/Summer 2018.

We have two reviews of The Minimalist Gardener, by Patrick Whitefield. We think both offer valuable insights and reflections so have published them both together! You can buy the Minimalist Gardener at a special price direct from the publisher.

The Minimalist Gardener brings together a series of 17 articles written by renowned grower, permaculturist and teacher, the late Patrick Whitefield and originally published in Permaculture Magazine over a period of more than twenty years. Big thanks are due to Permanent Publications for bringing these articles together into this very accessible and easy reading new reference book.