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Children around a blackboard with bees on it in chalk
Romanian born permaculture educator, artist, linguist and chef Claudiu Oprea talks about how Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual has influenced his work in India.
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Our response to the call for evidence, to inform a national food strategy.

The Paddock plastic free pantry wooden sign and containers
We talk to a small business owner on the challenges and rewards of running an ethical outlet.
Pen and ink sketch of people listening to a workshop talk
Sarah Spencer talks about Think Like a Tree, which explores permaculture principles (and other nature-inspired ideas) for better health, wellbeing, livelihood and life in general.
Edible Paradise book cover
Sarah Cossom reviews Edible Paradise by Vera Greutink. "A follower of no-dig principles for over 15 years, Vera has plenty of experience to share with her readers about the best way to approach it both on a small and larger scale, such as in a community garden. She also includes square foot bed planting and an easy-to-follow guide to plant families for crop rotation."