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Ryan Sandford-Blackburn remembers convergences he's been too over the past few years. He gives a taste of what a convergence is like and what to expect when you go to one.
Hockerton Housing Project hosted a fruit tree pruning workshop through the Permaculture Ambassadors Local Gathering fund, designed to share permaculture principles more widely within our communities.
Supporting the Permaculture Association and living by permaculture principles are great ways of helping people and planet. You probably already make the conscious choice to use your money in ethical ways – it is a powerful form of democracy in today's world , as where you spend, save and invest money is a vote for your values and increasingly has an impact on the shape of society. But did you know that where you choose to bank can also have a positive impact?
Lackan Cottage Farm is a six acre permaculture demonstration site in the heart of the County Down countryside. Through Green Tourism we encourage visitors to find out more about living in a more environmentally conscious way, and we offer a variety of courses and tours to give people hands on experience of applied permaculture practice.