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Protest illustration with slogan - It's Us & Us and Culture Change, Not Climate Change. Illustration by Keegan Blazey
At the National Permaculture Convergence at Hill End in September, Tomas Remiarz led a session to explore how we can cultivate the edges between permaculture and Extinction Rebellion and increase cross pollination between the two movements. This article reflects on that.
Sandy at Ribblehead
Climate activist Sandy James talks about what inspires him to live the way he does and the meaning of 'truth' in today's world.
The European Day of Sustainable Communities on 21 September is celebrating the transformational communities who are taking practical, grassroots action towards a zero-carbon, regenerative and inclusive Europe. Citizens in 22 countries have organised hundreds of events - from conferences to community harvest festivals, hackathons to shared meals - to highlight their efforts in the face of ecological and climate breakdown.
We occasionaly get asked by members for recommendations of films to show to share permaculture more widely. As part of our national convergence 2019, Elizabeth Westaway compiled a longlist of 77 films, to decide what to show in our cinema space. Here is that list!
Andrés Cruz kicked off the second day of the National Permaculture Convergence with a fascinating session exploring the basics of soil fertility and some of the actions we can take to improve it.