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The current crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic sometimes feels like a rehearsal for the climate crisis. In March 2020, 7 billion-odd people across the UK panicked about having to live within limits that they were not prepared for. In May 2020 Living Together With Limits brought together disabled people to share skills we’ve learned through being disabled that have helped us deal with lockdown.
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Inside of eco coffin
Willow artist Ruth Thompson found a new way of working during lockdown that helped her develop her business.
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Brighton Permaculture Trust has looked at permaculture and the pandemic in relation to resilience, based on a series of in depth and exploratory conversations within their community.
Mel was an extraordinary person, who made all who visited immediately at ease and at home. It was typical of many stories I heard about how she related to people; she would fully see and accept them for who they were, no judgment, a rare quality