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News from the UK national permaculture convergence 2019. We'll be sharing photos, videos and discussions online. Check back here to see the latest. #permaculturenow

Group studying lichen on the beach
During Spring our amazing Ambassadors ran local gatherings across the UK, from Plymouth in Devon to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The aim was to spread the word about permaculture more widely within our own communities.
Solitary bee on dandelion
The extent of the bee’s role within any permaculture system or plot cannot be understated; it’s vital we incorporate provisions for their continued survival within our designs.
Convergence gathering of people in a field
With just a few months to go before this year's National Permaculture Convergence, we managed to pin events co-ordinator Dan Hurring down for a precious few moments to tell us what our flagship event means to him.
Steph Hafferty in her garden
Steph Hafferty will be joining us at the National Permaculture Convergence this September. She shares her top 10 tips for starting out a No Dig Garden.