12 books permaculture educators are reading now - with bonus podcast links

We asked our Educator members at one of the regular online gatherings what books they're reading and loving right now that they want to share with everyone. Here's the list.

  1. A Small Farm Future - Chris Smaje
    You can watch Chris present at our 2020 online convergence, which remains available to replay
  2. Contemporary Studies In Environmental And Indigenous Pedagogies A Curricula Of Stories And Place
  3. A Toolkit for Modern Life: 52 ways to look after your mind - Dr Emma Hepburn.
    Recommended for anyone designing for personal health, community health, caring for others.
  4. The Living Soil - Lady Eve Balfour
    Written in 1940, it's startling to realise that the things we think we're just discovering now were known in 1940.
  5. Burn - Albert Bates
  6. Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants  - Robin Wall Kimmerer
  7. For the Love of Soil - Nicole Masters Farmerama.
    Listen to a podcast with Nicole from thriving farmer.
  8. Regnerative Soil: the science and solutions - Matt Powers
    Listen to a podcast with Matt and Morag Gamble.
  9. The entangled life - Merlin Sheldrake
    With mentions from 2 educators!
  10. 7 ways to think differently - Looby Macnamara
    Now available as a free ebook. Looby's response to 'What is permaculture?'
  11. Dare to be great - Polly Higgins as an audio book
    "I'm loving listen to her talk to me just when I need it, really helping me power through".
  12. Cultural Emergence - Looby Macnamara


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