Choose a Bank that Supports Permaculture

G:\Bristol\Marketing and PR\General\Images\_New Imagery\07 Project Imagery\Comrie Croft\DSC_6479.jpgSupporting the Permaculture Association and living by permaculture principles are great ways of helping people and planet. You probably already make the conscious choice to use your money in ethical ways – it is a powerful form of democracy in today's society, as where you spend, save and invest money is a vote for your values and increasingly has an impact on the shape of society. But did you know that where you choose to bank can also have a positive impact?

Triodos Bank is the leading ethical option in the UK banking market, ranked number one by Ethical Consumer magazine. By choosing to save or invest your money through them you can match your everyday banking with your values.

They share our vision for a brighter future and have been a partner of the Permaculture Association since 2013. By opening a Triodos Account, your money can indirectly go towards financing the small businesses, community groups, co-operatives and housing associations that Triodos supports, many operating within permaculture principles. For example, LILAC Community Housing in Leeds, or Comrie Croft in Perthshire.

Triodos believe in 100% transparency, that’s why they publish details of every organisation they lend to, and invest in, so you know exactly where your money goes.

They also provide specialist financial support to organic and fair-trade producers and processors, retailers and restaurants. Triodos is unique in only lending to organisations and people with the vision to support environmental sustainability and the local economy, and that are working to create positive change.

People like Steve Jones, the principle at Dragons Housing Co-Operative, a group in Wales supported by Triodos. Steve says: “The study of natural wisdom and the application of those insights to our own communities is the only route we have to take us to a restored and resilient biosphere – and it’s making a difference to people’s lives and communities. With this mind-set, we can make use of money to build affordable, energy efficient housing, farming techniques that restore soil carbon and enhance biodiversity, and clean energy systems that become increasingly cheap with continued investment from banks like Triodos.”

G:\Bristol\Marketing and PR\General\Images\_New Imagery\PCA\Triodos Bank Current Account debit card.jpgRethinking everyday banking

Triodos Bank has recently launched a new sustainable current account. The online account is managed through internet banking and a mobile banking app, and every last detail of the Triodos Current Account has been considered. That’s why, for example, the contactless debit card is made from a natural material using renewable resources - with over 110 million cards in circulation in the UK, it's a new step toward tackling plastic waste.

The Triodos Current Account is built around Triodos’ core principles of fairness, transparency and sustainability. A monthly £3 fee goes towards the costs of the banking service provided. This is something that many won’t be used to, but it is a decision that Triodos took based on analysis of the banking market that showed many high street banks are charging excessive penalties to a minority of customers to subsidise other ‘free’ current accounts. Triodos believe a fairer approach is a flat fee for all account holders and transparency around all fees and charges.

\\triodos.corp\data\Bristol\Marketing and PR\General\Images\_New Imagery\10 Personal Case Studies\Rob Donovan\Rob Donovan - St Ives 36.jpg

Rob Donovan from St Ives is a recent switcher to the Triodos Ethical Current Account: “It’s so good to have a bank that is committed to ethical values in a system where most banks are primarily concerned with serving the interest of their shareholders and the profit motive, excluding social values and community values.”

Triodos is unique in the banking sector for its understanding of the relationship between finance, people, land and the environment. They have a clearly stated mission to help create a society that protects and promotes quality of life and that has human dignity at its core. The card in your wallet can now support that goal.

As an added bonus, if you’re new to Triodos and you open a Triodos Current Account via*, when your balance reaches £100, Triodos Bank will donate £40 to the Permaculture Association. Full terms and conditions can be found on the webpage.

*Terms and conditions apply. The account can be opened by any UK resident aged 18 or over who meets the eligibility criteria. One donation made per new Triodos customer.