Cycle powered adventures in permaculture design

Brake the CycleBrake The Cycle and the Permaculture Association are collaborating to bring you a brand new thing in 2019: cycle-powered adventures in permaculture design!


What is Brake The Cycle?

Brake the Cycle provides transformative experiences through cycling. We’ve been visiting ecovillages and exploring sustainability projects while discovering alternative ways of living along the way since way back in 2011. Discover more.


Permaculture and Brake The Cycle | Why We’re Partnering Up

Right from the get-go, Brake The Cycle was designed with principles of permaculture in mind thanks to co-founder and permaculture enthusiast Joe Reid. Ever since the early days we’ve enjoyed a great relationship with the Permaculture Association, and this year we’re taking this to a whole new level!

We’re passionate about permaculture and believe hands-on teaching at inspirational sites across the UK is the best way to share the love, especially with new converts. But did you know physical adventure is proven to stir up the imagination and facilitate good conversation, too? We did, which is why we’re confident Brake The Cycle and the Permaculture Association will collaborate fruitfully for many more “cycles” to come!

In 2019 we’re enthusiastically exploring ways to weave together cycle touring and permaculture design, starting with our brand new Permaculture and Cycling Mini Adventure.

Permaculture and Cycling | A mini adventure in all things permaculture!

Brake The Cycle’s Mini Adventures are long weekend rides ideal for those with less time to commit to a full length adventure. Think of this as a short getaway from work for a few days to meet like-minded people whilst mentally and physically challenging yourself on a breathtaking, memorable and exhilarating ride.

Permaculture & Cycling is a 3 day cycle tour of the Wye Valley with a permaculture twist! This Mini Adventure includes 2 days accommodation at Ragmans Lane, one of the UK’s most inspirational permaculture sites, coordinated in partnership with the Permaculture Association. You’ll get to explore this 60 acre organic farm whilst enjoying a full day’s world class teaching from Ragmans Lane founder Matt Dunwell.

In fact, over the 3 days we’ll weave all the components of the Intro to Permaculture Design short course into our programme, which makes Permaculture & Cycling perfect for permaculture enthusiasts old and new!

Discover full event details and booking info at


Permaculture in Oxford | An all new cycle scheme at this year’s National Permaculture Convergence

And if you can’t make those dates, why not join us at this year’s national permaculture convergence for a one day tour of Oxford’s most exciting permaculture sites and community projects? 

This is a great way to explore the very best of beautiful Oxford, a city made for bicycling! And since cycle touring is also good for stirring up the imagination - and inspirational conversation, too - it’s almost guaranteed to leave you feeling invigorated for the weekend of teaching and networking ahead!


Brake The Cycle and the LAND network | Pioneering a multi-site PDC in 2020?

All smiles on the Lisbon to Bilbao cycle tourEver imagined a full Permaculture Design Course that explored a local network of permaculture sites, weaving together inspirational case studies from each whilst enabling a unique multi-layer analysis that considered how principles of permaculture could and indeed do apply even on bioregional scales? Well, imagine no longer, because this long term Brake The Cycle pipe dream is finally coming true! 

Beyond the obvious opportunities for more varied demonstration that a multi-site PDC will provide, we’re particularly excited to be integrating the physical challenge of the cycle touring itself. Brake The Cycle tours have proven themselves to be genuinely transformational and a veritable production line of lifelong friendships, and we simply can’t wait to see what happens when we combine our trademark tours with the life-affirming interpretative framework of permaculture design.

This is the inspiration for our newly conceived Brake The Cycle co-facilitated PDC, to be developed in collaboration with the Permaculture Association’s LAND network and launched in summer 2020. Watch this space for more information, coming soon!
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