Group member story - Gea Viva

We asked new members Gea Viva about their project, their use of permaculture, and what they hope to gain from joining the network.


About your project

Gea Viva is an eco camp on the Croatian island Brac, that invites people to delve deeply into nature. 

Located in a tranquil olive grove with ten minutes’ walk to the sea, it is a place to unwind, find inspiration, meet like-minded people, take part in one of the courses or events. We connect Permaculture, eco living, art and communication with the creative forces of the Earth.

Featuring a geodesic dome for yoga, dance etc, a cosy summer kitchen, a stone circle, a shady pavilion, a giant mosaic dragon sculpture and a wealth of wild and cultivated plants, the 1.35 ha Gea Viva site is an ideal location for groups and individual travellers who want to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Why permaculture is important within the project

Designed according to permaculture principles, Gea Viva is completely off-grid, produces its own solar power, collects rain water, uses grey water to irrigate trees, has compost toilets, grows olives, fruit, aromatic herbs and some vegetables. Here we trial and research dryland permaculture, use resources mindfully, build with natural materials with low impact on the environment and give guests the chance to experience local culture. We clearly steer away from current tourism trends of giant concrete buildings, swimming pools on the beach and artificial landscapes.


What you hope to gain from being part of the permaculture network

By joining the permaculture network, we would like to network with individuals and organisation to mutually support and learn from each other. It would also be great to co-organise courses and events. Here, participants can connect inspirational learning with a holiday by the sea. 
We at Gea Viva believe that “Back to nature” is the right and necessary route to take to live in harmony with what our planet has to offer.
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