Mel Lamb 1965 - 2020

Mel LambI first met Mel as I went to teach one of my first Permaculture Design Courses with Aranya, high up on Dartmoor at High Heathercombe in November 2009.

Mel was an extraordinary person, who made all who visited immediately at ease and at home. It was typical of many stories I heard about how she related to people; she would fully see and accept them for who they were, no judgment, a rare quality.

She made her mark in permaculture, by organising a PDC at High Heathercombe because she wanted to learn about it, but didn’t have time to go away on a course. This led to 22 full permaculture courses held over ten years.

Mel used permaculture design to organise volunteer weeks and the Edge sculpture trail, which was an arts exhibition in the woods with a different permaculture theme each time. She also hosted permaculture gatherings, to keep people connected, forest gardening courses, and design intensives. On courses she was involved by explaining how she used permaculture at the centre and she taught social design and non-violent communication (NVC). We also facilitated the Work That Reconnect together, including on PDCs.

Mel had such a strong dream for High Heathercombe that she has made a deep impression on the centre and its surroundings and no doubt her influence will be long felt.

Klaudia van Gool