New Job opportunity! ScotLAND Project Outreach Worker

Work from home 1 day a week, promoting permaculture in Scotland

About the Job: 
The post is funded from a generous donation made by the Robertson Trust, Awards for All, and Bags of Help.
It will enable us to deliver the project ScotLAND Phase 2: Engaging hard to reach communities.
ScotLAND is a Scotland-wide network supporting and creating permaculture Learning And Network Demonstration (LAND) Centres. 
The aim of ScotLAND is to demonstrate practical examples of permaculture design in various different places, micro-climates, and cultures throughout Scotland. These include both urban and rural home gardens, community gardens, public spaces, allotments, smallholdings and farms.
ScotLAND aims to support local people to develop their own practical, physical  examples of land-based permaculture design throughout Scotland, so everyone here can find a local Centre to visit. In these Centres they can learn more about nature, permaculture, forest/organic gardening, network with others, volunteer, grow and eat fresh local food, get fresh air and exercise, with multiple benefits for mental and physical health, wellbeing and educational value. In England the LAND project has already reached over 35,000 people and is a distributed campus where people can gain Open College Network (OCN) accredited qualifications.

In phase 1 we set up systems, trained tutors and apprentices, and visited 14 sites, 8 of whom are already Centres, whilst the rest are working towards this status. In phase 2 we aim to visit 12 new sites per year to assess their needs and give tutorial support to becoming a Centre; hold skill-share events; publicise the network; support disadvantaged/ hard to reach groups to visit the Centres; and enable trainees to achieve OCN accredited qualifications.

In phase 2 we aim to support people, especially those experiencing disadvantage or hard to reach groups, to visit a local, permaculture Centre of Excellence to engage in Learning, Activities, and/or Networking, and apply their learning to their own projects, lives, gardens or homes. The Centres members and their visitors will thus become healthier through eating more fresh, local, chemical-free food and getting more fresh air and exercise.

For more information about ScotLAND please see This Page

Phase 2 will be coordinated by a 5.5 hours per week Outreach Worker who will be line managed and supported by the PSWG and staff at the Permaculture Association. The Outreach Worker will work with our 5 trained ScotLAND Tutors, who will provide the direct learning support for projects. The Outreach Worker will also coordinate skill-sharing events, support the network of new and existing ScotLAND Learners/Centres, liaise with the Association's website coordinator, coordinate the group visit scheme and publicise the network.
For more information and to apply for this job, please download the Job Description and Application forms. Applicants will be assessed on their ability to meet the criteria listed in the Person Specification on the form, so please do not send a CV. Use the application form to show how you meet the criteria.
Closing date for applications:  Wednesday, 1 June, 2016

Job Description; ScotLAND Outreach Worker

Application Form; ScotLAND Outreach Worker