Non-Stuff Festival 2014

Wiston Lodge sits in an enchanted landscape at the top of the Clyde Valley just over the hill from the Borders. In mature woodlands with campsite and indoor accommodation plus a huge range of well-maintained rooms- this was a great venue for the first Non-Stuff festival.

NonStuff is the brainchild of permaculture teacher James Chapman, ably assisted by Elly Kinross, Tracey Hay and Douglas Mackay. With the addition of a great site crew - a clear vision and a sense of fun - a positive statement was made of what a non- materialistic society might look like.This included the carefully put together programme of fabulous acoustic music; singing; games from tiddlywinks to volleyball; workshops focusing on slow living, recycling, creative expression, all promoting a peaceful communion with nature; plus good food and the most talented and wholsesome company. The weekend was a great way to bring permaculture ideas to a ready audience in a non-intrusive way, and also allow hard working people of all ages and sizes a chance to meld, in continually changing circles and spaces. It was also an opportunity for growth for Permaculture Scotland, opening our minds and hearts to what a truly diverse and inclusive group of people bring to permaculture.

The doors were open to all, valuing not just the the inner cirlce but the edge; representing the diversity of our community and people. With the focus firmly on the expertise and creativity which we have in our midst, we hoped to encourage a remembering of our latent skills and joy for life.

NonStuff festival was permaculture in action, with a healthy emphasis on people care first, and the whole event built on a fair share ethos – which instinctually allowed an appreciation and respect for the earth & our natural surroundings, to blossom and grow.

The non-amplified event encouraged the sound of nature to envelope us in her beautiful rythms, with the drums and singing blending to the beat of all living creatures. Two hundred and fourty people came together, in community, over one long, blissful and sun-filled weekend, making the first ever NonStuff festival a huge success. Permaculture Scotland would like to make this the basis for their June convergence next year. Hands up volunteers who wish to help make it happen!

Some of the feedback already rolling in:
"Really nourished after the weekend of Non-Stuff festivities...

Brought a fantastic bunch of people together, and really worked for me on so many levels, especially the fact that it was all unamplified... Space to breathe."

"Thanks so much for a weekend that was an utter delight! From a punter's point of view, it felt effortless and effervescent - and what a fab bunch of folk that turned up. Thanks for all your hard work, and more power to your elbows... x"

"Thanks for such a fantastic and heart warming event! Great stuff"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising the Non Stuff Festival - it was fantastic!"