Our response to the International Panel on Climate Change report

The Permaculture Association’s Research Coordinator Chris Warburton Brown responds to this week’s IPCC Report:

"The International Panel on Climate Change just released a report predicting the impact of a 1.5 degree rise in global temperature, and challenging us all to do more to stop that happening. The report has received lots of media coverage, and many people will now be asking ‘I know the science, but what can I actually do?’

At the Permaculture Association we have one simple answer: ‘Commit yourself to positive action right now’. Here are eight powerful actions you can commit to today:

  • Eat local and seasonal produce
  • Fully insulate your home
  • Reduce home energy and water use
  • Invest in a fossil free future
  • Join your local Transition group
  • Look after your mental health
  • Support a local community orchard or allotment
  • Learn about permaculture

All are enjoyable and several will save you money and help you be healthier. They also have multiple other benefits for you, your community, your local wildlife and your planet.

We launched a campaign, #weloveliving, to encourage people all over Britain to take these simple actions and many others. The message is simple; small actions can do a lot.

Next year we will launch 52 Climate Actions, an online project which will add a lot more simple, effective actions to the list, all supported by loads of focussed resources. Look out for more information on that in the New Year.

It’s easy to hear about the IPCC report and feel overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge. But addressing climate change offers so many great opportunities to save money, have fun, get healthier, reconnect with nature, build community, enjoy simple pleasures, meet new people and support wildlife. It’s time to start grabbing those opportunities!"

Watch Chris Warburton Brown's video response on YouTube.