The people's food policy

This is an update from the People’s Food Policy steering group. Over the past year they have been particularly busy, read on for details and to learn about the progress they are making on the People’s Food Policy document, to be published by May 2017.

What a Food Policy based on the Right to Food, Food Sovereignty and Agroecology looks like

By May 2017 we are aiming to have published 'The People's Food Policy'. Once the publication is ready we will make it widely available.

Our aim is for the document be used to campaign for the recommendations and positions that we have developed.

We are currently developing policies and recommendations under the following areas:​

  1. GOVERNANCE / Democratising decision making in food governance
  2. FARMING / Changing how food is produced
  3. LAND / Access to Land
  4. HEALTH / Making good food accessible to all
  5. LABOUR / Valuing work and improving social conditions
  6. ENVIRONMENT / A food systems that work with nature
  7. KNOWLEDGE / Building knowledge and skills
  8. MARKETS / Reorganising food trade and localising markets
  9. FINANCE / Funding a better food system
  10. INTEGRATION / Connecting the dots

Roundtable workshop, at OrganicLeaBetween October 2015 and October 2016 we delivered and supported the delivery of over 15 roundtable workshops exploring what people would like to see included in a national food policy and explored how we can integrate the framework of Food Sovereignty in to food policy making. Over 250 people participated in these sessions.

At the same time we also ran a questionnaire asking what does and doesn’t work in both people’s professional and personal experiences of the food system and how could things be different?  We had a fantastic response with over 150 community groups, people working across the food sector, individual citizens and organisations shared testimony, experiences and idea for what kind of food policies we want to see.

The ideas, testimonies and experiences that emerged during the consultation period in 2016 form the backbone of The People’s Food Policy document.

The EU Referendum and Brexit

Midway through the People's Food Policy consultation period last year came the EU referendum, where the electorate voted 52% to leave the EU. This has had major implications both for the People’s Food Policy and the entire food and farming system more generally as a whole.

Over the coming years, all of our economic and agricultural policies that were previously affected by EU law will need to be revisited and rewritten. This is an enormous task and there are calls now from all corners of our food system to develop food and agricultural policies and governance structures that are coherent, complementary and protect our food system and food cultures.

The political landscape in which we started working on The People’s Food Policy has now very much changed, and we aim to work hard to ensure that the ideas and recommendations that are being developed in this work have a seat at the negotiating table.

We believe we must seize this moment, in alliance and coalition with others, to be part of creating a food policy over the coming year that is visionary, progressive and guarantees that every single person in this country is able to realise, without restriction, our right to food.

We believe that in order to develop policies that ensure a fair and just food system for all one key way to create change is to start doing food policy making differently.

And that's what the People's Food Policy document is all about: looking at how we can use the frameworks of food sovereignty here in the UK as a foundation and set of principles that will enable us to democratize the governance of our food system.

Next steps

We are looking for photographs and testimonies from across the food system, from plough to plate, we would like to include on the website and in the document.

If you have photos of your work or projects or a short testimony which you are able to share with us please send them to us at

We are in the process of looking for funding and support to hold a People's Food Policy Summit later this year so that we can come together to strategies how we can use the People's Food Policy most effectively to strengthen the movement for food sovereignty and social justice.

If you would like to speak with us contact us at