Permaculture air conditioning! (#journal)

A Feasibility Study of an Integrated Air Conditioning , Desalination and Marine Permaculture System in Oman 

Deep Seawater AC (SWAC) is an emerging technology that uses deep water for district air conditioning purposes and can also support desalination plants and marine permaculture. Oman is uniquely positioned to utilize commercially-proven SWAC and also has demand for desalination and restored fisheries that would benefit from Marine Permaculture Arrays (MPAs). Three air conditioning systems of each 35 MW will serve district cooling using cold input water at 4 °C, available at a depth of 1800 m. Such a SWAC system can be four to ten times more efficient electrically than traditional air conditioning systems. The return seawater will be warmed to above 20 °C and will irrigate kelp forests and other seaweed growing on submerged MPAs, providing habitat and food for forage fisheries such as sardines, for example. Using SWAC systems in conjunction with MPAs and desalination plants can mitigate climate change and create new industries.