Permaculture Podcast UK

by Daniel Tyrkiel

Here are some questions for you to muse on.

Are you a yogurt knitting hippy in the eyes of an old farmer?

How can you use your entrepreneurial spirit to utilise waste streams?

What is the best way to add bees to your design?

Can you "permaculture" a hotel?

How can we create examples for young people, so that they choose the permaculture route for building their livelihoods?

How do we approach planners so that they help us?

How can your permaculture business become a beacon of hope around the world?

The UK is a modern western country, where young people's aspirations are sky high. We're not concerned with lack of food in general, or lack of running water, or sanitation. These things have been "solved" for the large part of the population, especially in metropolitan areas. We face other issues.

The farming population is aging. The practices to produce our food are destructive, flooding is becoming more frequent, and the lack of manufacturing jobs have left a gaping hole in the budget of many families. Permaculture offers many solutions, and it's important that people who employ these have a voice.

Daniel Tyrkiel permaculture podcast UKThere are several podcasts coming from the US, but there has not been anything specific for UK permaculture, hence my decision to start it. In June this year (2016) I rang the Permaculture Association office. I asked Nicola if she could give me a list of people who support themselves through permaculture. Since then I've released eleven long conversations, covered in part the Off Grid festival, and have created a full schedule for releasing more chats with people ranging from teachers to small scale farmers.

There are those who design gardens for people in cities, also those who consult farmers in the broad scale. In January 2017 the podcast will be present at the Oxford Real Farming conference. If you have a look at their programme ahead of time, you can influence my choice of people to intreview, by commenting in this thread.

If you'd like to be notified when a new podcast comes out, come to and put your name and email in. I don't use an automatic list - you actually get an email from me. I appreciate your time, and hope this can be of some value for you. Happy listening.

Best regards, Daniel.