Permaculture Scotland SGM 2018

The Permaculture Scotland Scottish General Meeting will be held at 2pm on Saturday the 2nd of June at our gathering at Craigtoun Country park (see here for information on the gathering).


Standing for election

If you wish to join the working group we would love to hear from you, please have a read of this page to find out what we need help with. Please note that, as we now have a sociocratic structure, newly elected members must join a sub circle of the working group and can be elected to the general circle as a representative of that circle or an operations leader.
The names and statements of those standing for election to the working group can be viewed below, further names may be added until the 29th of May. If you wish to stand please email us a statement to be published here by 5pm on the 28th of May.


There will be a paper ballot if objections to those standing are recieved. If you have an objection to any of those standing please email us stating the reason for your objection, this will be read out anonymously at the SGM.
To vote in the election you must:
1. Be a member of the Permaculture Association
2. Live or Work in Scotland
If you cannot be present in person you may vote by email, post or proxy, if you wish to vote by email or post, or to nominate a proxy please contact us.

People Standing for election

Graham Bell
Graham Bell is the longest standing permaculture teacher in the UK, the first person to gain the Diploma here (directly from Bill Mollison) and lives with his wife Nancy in the longest standing intentional food forest garden in Britain.  They have over a thousand visitors a year to their 28 year old permaculture project, who are mostly fed with produce from the garden.  Graham has taught Permaculture on five continents over thirty years.  He is willing to stand again for the PSWG to support younger people coming forward and pick up tasks which help grow the movement.
Lesley Anderson
Lesley Anderson has been involved in the working group since May 2013 undertaking admin tasks, arranging meetings and helping organise the gathering. She is a diploma holder and a ScotLAND assessor. She runs an outdoor home-education group and self publishes childrens nature stories.
Lusi Alderslowe
Lusi Alderslowe has been doing permaculture in Scotland since she attended her PDC in 2005 in Kilmartin. In those years she has completed her diploma, become an active diploma tutor, and taught hundreds of people permaculture. Over the last 3 years Lusi has focussed more on engaging children in permaculture and has most recently written a book on this subject entitled Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: the Children in Permaculture Manual. Within PS Lusi would like to continue to help with implementing sociocracy, organising events, and providing links to PA. 
Ed Tyler
Ed runs a ScotLAND multi-site centre comprising large kitchen garden and 40 acre ancient oak woodland (part of our Celtic Rainforest), plus coastal grazing field. He got his Permaculture Diploma back in 1995 for developing Scotswood Community garden (Newcastle) as the second urban permaculture project in the UK. Ed has been involved closely with Scottish permaculture since 2002, teaching on PDCs in Argyll and Glasgow, becoming an active diploma tutor and attending most of the Scottish Gatherings, where he has offered several workshops. He is currently working on seeing the Scottish nation as a network of bioregions.
Finn Weddle
Finn is the Outreach Worker for the ScotLAND Project. He is standing as a voluntary member of the PSWG because he is passionate about permaculture having a strong presence in Scotland. He also organises The Permaculture Community Classroom, an autonomous collective of permaculture self-educators in Edinburgh.
Judy Martin
Judy lives in Argyll.  She gained the Diploma in 2017 and is aiming to become a fully-fledged ScotLAND centre in 2018.  Her main interests are in localising our food and textile production - designing and promoting a bioregional circular economy - and rebuilding community.  Within PSWG, she is a member of the Policy circle.
Geraldine Sinclair
Geri lives in Ayrshire and completed her PDC in Glasgow in 2016.She has signed up to do her DIploma in the next couple of years.
She has been a member of the working group since June 2017 in the events and general circle promoting permaculture at events and assisting with the gathering in June.
Pippa Downing
Pippa has been learning about and practising permaculture for many years and for the last 3 years has been developing a forest garden at her home on the Isle of Arran alongside the family eco-glamping business. She has an M.Sc. in Environmental Science (specialising in soil and land use) and hopes to complete her PDC this year and join the ScotLAND project with the forest garden on Arran. Having worked in business, teaching and community projects she would love to volunteer for the PSWG and help the growth of permaculture in Scotland.  She feels best suited to contributing to the ScotLAND project and outreach circles.
Lorraine Ishak
Ludwig Appeltans
Ludwig Appeltans is a certified permaculture teacher. He has been practicing permaculture for more than 15 years. After living in the forest for 4 years and connecting with nature, he emerged from this intense learning journey and starting spreading permaculture far and wide. He created and manages a free crowdfunding platform and is creating a nature-based permaculture community on Rubha Phoil on the Isle of Skye. This is fast becoming a shining example of permaculture in action. He is hoping to help with the on-line promotion of permaculture in Scotland.