Rebuild Sunrise Farm in Kathmandu Appeal

"This is worth your time and support - real bottom-up permaculture relief and development in Nepal." - Rafter Sass-Ferguson

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Sunrise Farm Appeal has so far received over 70 supporters raising in excess of £7,700. The appeal is over a third of the way to the £20,000 target! Thanks to these donations The Farm now has the funds to make a good start. A HUGE thank you to everyone involved so far.

It is brilliant that individuals, clubs, practitioners and permaculture projects have kindly donated to help the farm rebuild. With a bit more, we can make it to £20,000 to bring the farm bouncing back stronger and better-equipped than before !

Sunrise Farm has given their first training session since the earthquakes hit.
Photo source: Sustainable Steps Nepal
Sunrise Farm in Kathmandu is a farm training centre committed to the demonstration and training of sustainable agriculture and community development techniques. It is a working permaculture farm, and offers facilities for demonstration, training and distribution of seed, seedlings, and educational resources including the Farmers’ Handbook.

The Farm is part of a growing network of similar farms and village programs coordinated by the Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC), a registered NGO based in Surkhet District, also working in Humla and Kathmandu districts.

The Farm has blossomed over the past 25 years, and although the city of Kathmandu has grown all around, it remains a green jewel of biodiversity, peace and productivity.


Unfortunately, during the two Nepali earthquakes in April and May 2015, the farm buildings were badly damaged. They suffered structural damage to the farmhouse (crushed floor lintels and structural cracks throughout). The livestock shelter was completely destroyed. The main house is unsafe and needs to be re-built. The families are currently living in cramped conditions in what used to be the rabbit shed.

As the closest organic and permaculture centre to the capital city, it is a crucial resource for organisations and farmers wanting to find out about permaculture - sustainable and organic agriculture, which is why, since the earthquakes hit, with a team of people Sunrise Farm is working hard to rebuild as soon as possible, aiming to come back an even better demonstration and training centre than before.

The Farm is a well-known training center, and by re-building with green building techniques, itcanbe an example for organisations and familiesthatneed to reconstruct their homes and livelihoods. It can show how good architecture and building can be combined with health and sanitation, sustainable food growing, fair-trade income generation with energy from solar and biogas systems to produce resilient, low-maintenance and productive communities and households.

To continue to offer training and to be able to fix the farm, the Sunrise Farm team must raise £20,000 - for materials, tools and labour, and to continue to create and distribute training materials for villagers coming to the training sessions.

Every donation is received with great gratitude. If you give more than £25, to thank you, there is the choice of gifts, including a tree dedication, place on a forest gardening course, and a week accommodation and food at Sunrise Farm! Click here to go to the online donations page.

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