ScotLAND Tour 2015


This exciting innovative tour of sites went to Garden Cottage in the South-East of Scotland, up the East coast, and down the centre. Taking in various permaculture ScotLAND Centres and Learners, and many places of outstanding beauty for which Scotland is famed. We intended to take a minibus-full, but we enough participants for a car-full - which was perfect.

Our first visit was Garden Cottage which is Graham Bell's inspirational, 25 year old forest garden. This site of 1/5 acre produced more than 1 tonne of food in 2013! We visited Park Road in Midlothian (near Edinburgh), a suburban garden farm with Bees, ducks, chickens, mini orchard, raised beds, Hugel beds, “Gypsy Hens business” and a wood stove, in a garden the size of a tennis court. Then... well each site is unique from the very urban, Urban Roots, to the farm-scale permaculture at Tombreck, the inspirational small-holding at Tap o’ Noth Permaculture and the ever-inspiring Findhorn Ecovillage.

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 Here is what one of the participants said about it:

The post-conference tour to the ScotLAND sites was fantastic. Four of us went off for a great tour of a variety of permaculture sites in Scotland led by our trusty and very knowledgeable guide Graham Bell. Graham not only gave a us a good overview of permaculture in Scotland - we also got a great historical, cultural, and economic insight into the country both in the past and currently. The permaculture sites were very varied and each one was really inspiring. The people at each site not only fed and provided for us wonderfully, they were extremely generous in their time and explanations. I loved every moment of it. There were many interesting trips offered as a part of IPCUK  but I am so pleased I chose the ScotLAND one. Sue Brunskill (from Melbourne, Australia)

ScotLAND tour Leaflet