Seed propagation indoors & hot beds by Charles Dowding

man with watering canCongratulations, we have officially broken the back of winter and from here on in light and temperature levels will slowly start to improve. Certainly the light levels bit is guaranteed...

And naturally our thoughts turn to the coming growing season in our gardens, allotments, farms and window sills. The pleasures of pouring through our favourite seeds catalogues start to be replaced with the nagging urgency to start sowing seeds. This month we offer you some excellent advice from permaculture friend and no-dig guru, Charles Dowding. Topics discussed include: what you can sow now, advice on potting compost, and his zero fossil fuel hot-bed propagator system. 

Happy Sowing!

For advice on what to sow in February plus top potting compost tips visit:

To find out how to make a zero fossil fuel seed propagator check out:

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