Holly Silvester of RHS Bridgewater shows how you can save seed. Holly demonstrates Babingtons leek, a perennial that grows in Hulme Community Garden Centre's forest garden. "It's totally easy peasy, very simple."
Thu 01 Nov 2018
Biotime, or biological time, runs at a very different pace and rhythm to human time. It can be observed by recording events in the natural world. These can be as varied as the day the first spring bulb opens, the last frost before summer, or the first sighting of a species of bird or insect in a new habitat. These events can be part of a larger natural rhythm, like the turning of the seasons, or an indicator of slow changes in an ecosystem, like unusual weather patterns or an increase of average temperatures.
Thu 01 Nov 2018
On the tip of the media tongue, Brexit is rocking the boat across all industry sectors in our complex economy. By leaving the EU, we’re making the decision to bypass European policy in favour of our own ability to craft self-sustainable, resilient, dynamic policy for our own nation. Despite Britain’s wartime success in de-energising and reducing consumption, our economy and political landscape has changed dramatic since this example of self-efficacy.
Thu 11 Oct 2018
Earth from space

The Permaculture Association’s Research Coordin

Thu 11 Oct 2018
Having taken part in both the earlier gatherings, I was aware of the opportunities and inspiration that such get-togethers provide and wondered about the possibility of such an event taking place in 2018, and talked to others about the idea. A group of people formed and series of meetings took place with a view to making it happen.
Thu 11 Oct 2018
The Permaculture Association has been supporting permaculture practitioners and teachers to create thriving communities across Britain for over 30 years. In 2016 we launched the Thriving Communities project to ensure that permaculture is reaching those in the greatest need.
Tue 09 Oct 2018

RetroSuburbia is an extraordinary and magnificently crafted guide on living abundantly in uncertain times. Part manifesto, part manual, this is the book you and I did not realise we were waiting for!

David Holmgren asks, “Aren’t we all craving real world ways to make an impact, and make our lives feel significant in the face of the global challenges we face?”

Thu 23 Aug 2018
Put simply people in families, tribes, cities, nations, countries and religions got on much better if they were all ‘singing from the same song sheet’ all believing they were going in the same direction following the same customs, beliefs & rules. From the earliest times tribes sat around campfires telling stories, giving meaning to an individuals existence within the collective. As tribes became nations, countries and religions their collective stories may have changed through history but always the intention was to bind the people together. Eventually as science began to discredit some of the narratives religions had relied on; as the industrial revolution took off around the world, science itself along with it’s paymaster capitalism began to offer a New Story which has evolved into consumerism.
Mon 20 Aug 2018
Has anyone else noticed we have approximately 3 weeks left of burning fossil fuels before we go past the IPCC's medium estimate for sticking to 1.5°C rise in global warming? Massive change is needed now.
Thu 16 Aug 2018