Transformational memories of permaculture events

When we asked what memories people had of attending permaculture events and the effect it had on them we were bowled over by the response. Of course, we know that permaculture events are brilliant, with great workshop programmes, conversations and food, but maybe we underestimate the scale of the positive impact they have!

This year's national permaculture convergence takes place at Hill End, Oxford. We hope you can join us there.

Read about the butterfly effect of past events below.

Gary Finch

"I felt I had a kindred spirit in Graham Burnett, with our urban grumpiness/realism and an 'anarchistic' outlook and I've kept to that, looking for evidence rather than a slightly zealous belief that permaculture will provide.

Steve Charter was living the theory and i was amazed when he told his age... I went raw vegan for a while (did it 'local' and got sick of chard and found some of the 'sprouted stuff' difficult to digest).

Mike Feingold made the point that it's about design and not just some fancy techniques and Andy Goldring was really walking the talk.

I went on to attend Aranya's Permaculture Design Course and subsequently signed up for the diploma, which I was awarded just over 7 years later. Robina probably had the biggest impact as she was demonstrating actual design, before/after in African schools and berated us to get on with it as the situation was dire (so much worse now).

Rob Hopkins presented the challenge of 'peak oil' and 'climate change' that went on to form the basis for the Transition Towns movement."


Hannah Thorogood

Nettogether in 2004 changed my life [Permaculture Association's 21st birthday celebrations]... Very similar to Gary - turned up not knowing a soul in British permaculture, having done my PDC in New Zealand. I met a whole trench of people who became my best friends, colleagues, co-conspirators, teachers. I also got told to do my diploma and crack on with it, I got persuaded to do the teacher training course the week after the convergence, despite not feeling ready.

I went on to teach with Aranya for the next 15 years (!) I got inspired to go to the International Permaculture Convergence and help out as crew the next year, then got tricked/empowered into organising the next 3 national convergences and eventually the British IPC convegerence event. Pretty transformational!"


Sarah Pugh

"Mike Feingold's Regeneration slideshow. Pictures of forests rising out of red rock in India and urban bomb sites turned into city farms. Was hooked from that point on. Have seen that show about 100 times and still get goosebumps. Also, Chris Johnstone did a talk on Find Your Power - he wrote a book of the same name. Was essentially a 'how to' on getting off your bum and making a difference."


Naomi van der Velden

"A perfect moment of clarity, back in a sunny Wales convergence at Coed Hills in 2012... A wonderful woman was on stage (I think she was also one of our food-creators) and she said:

"We're human beings, not human doings. It's ok to stop doing sometimes and just BE."

Exactly what I needed to hear at a time I was feeling very low and stressed. Such a small moment, but absolutely life-changing. I remain hugely grateful for her wisdom. (Now I just need insights to help my brain remember names!)."


Years of permaculture events, building a strong network

We've been organising events for over 35 years, bringing people together to learn more about permaculture and make real world connections to bring about more positive change.

It began in 1982 with "a group of about six people at a design course in the tiny Lake District village of Blencarn. This was given by Max Lindegger from Permaculture Nambour [Australia]. On the final weekend we climaxed in what must have been the first British permaculture convergence." - Max Roth, history of the Permaculture Assocation.

In 2015 we organised the 12th international permaculture conference and convergence, bringing together over 1000 people from 72 countries for a week of events.

The 2016 national convergence was in Ilkely, Yorkshire, then last year we gathered for an urban convergence in Manchester. 96.7% of participants at those events said they would recommend the event to a friend, rating their overall experience at an average of 8 out of 10.


Make your own memories and connections at this year's national permaculture convergence

Tickets are on sale now, from just £85* for the weekend.

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