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There’s plenty of '48hrs in...' guides around this time of year, designed to make most of us feel like we’re not really hip and happening. But what if we were to suggest you spend 48hrs in Goffin Land, Exeter this summer, immersed in permaculture and surrounded by like-minded people, great speakers, inspiring countryside and delicious local food? 

What does a post Brexit agriculture in England look like? Could the Ecological Land Co-operative’s model of small clusters of starter farms provide one (of many) solutions to how we feed ourselves and manage the land?

Us permaculture practitioners pride ourselves on a healthy medley of techniques, styles and plants. A la Holmgren’s principle, ‘use and value diversity’. Permaculture as a style of land mangement, using polycultures side-by-side a suite of techniques, treats farms as ecosystems and regards agriculture as a positive contributor to the biosphere.

My name is Julie, I am currently travelling in Scotland, visiting different permaculture projects in various places. This is part of a research project on the interactions between principles, values, and concrete practices in permaculture.

I plan on visiting six or seven projects before the end of June, and to write a blog article on each of them, to tell you more about my experience, and to highlight some of my key findings and/or thoughts on different subjects. It is meant to be personal, and you may disagree with some of my opinions – I am looking forward to having feedback!

My first stop in this journey was at Graham Bell’s Red Shed – where better to start my research than by visiting the oldest intentional forest garden in the UK?

wenderlynn bagnall

Wenderlynn Bagnall

This post is the second in our inspirational blog series about people benefiting from our Permaculture Ambassadors programme. Here we talk to Wenderlynn Bagnall who, along with her husband Iain, run Wishtree Agroforestry and Permaculture Centre in North Devon.

Phil Moore of Permaculture People.

This post is the first in our inspirational blog series about people benefiting from our Permaculture Ambassadors programme. Here we talk to Phil Moore from Permaculture People UK.

Phil and his partner Lauren Simpson have travelled the Americas and the UK visiting permaculture projects. In 2015 they made Living with the Land, a series of films distributed by Permaculture Magazine and gifted to us to promote permaculture and the international permaculture conference.