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Are you wanting to change the world but finding it’s weighing you down? All too often people making positive change in their communities forget to pay attention to looking after themselves: it’s all too easy to get burnt out.

But if you know where to look, there are literally thousands of like-minded people out there on the same path, wanting to support each other and share skills and tips about how to get the balance right (or at least, a little bit more on an even keel)!

Two winters ago, a fortuitous moment crossed my path whilst reading online. I saw a post for family camp called Grow the Grown Ups. Something enticed me and curiously I opened the link.

Avidly reading through, the six days outlined and all they encompassed sounded incredible and I presumed it must be in the States. My experience until then finding face-to-face resources akin to how I parented had been quite narrow and, for years, I felt I had trodden a somewhat lonely road in choosing to parent in a more conscious and connected way.

I was therefore almost in disbelief and completely overjoyed to learn that it was actually being held in the UK in late spring and, just in these few small paragraphs, I knew instantly the camp was for us. 

My name is Shah and my origin is from Kashmir in India, my wife and I have been living in UK for some years now.

Kashmir has been in conflict and politically disturbed for many decades and particularly since last 3 decades. I have lived myself through the conflict at the grass roots level in Kashmir for many years, and now l have been living in the UK for some years.  

We have been always looking for solutions and answers to take back to the home land in order to help the people and natural environment of Kashmir.

This is an update from the People’s Food Policy steering group. Over the past year they have been particularly busy, read on for details and to learn about the progress they are making on the People’s Food Policy document, to be published by May 2017.

Walking down Market Street in Llanrhaedr Ym Monchnant, passers-by might be forgiven for thinking that Dragons gift and crafts is a typical, if slightly quirky, store front catering to weekend tourists. Yet, as soon as one steps through the front door, they can immediately see that gifts and crafts are but the first touch-point of a diverse and integrated effort to put permaculture principles into practice.

Dragons sells fair-trade and eco-products, Ugandan coffee and gluten-free snacks, and hosts a variety of skills workshops. And it is the public face of Dragons Housing Cooperative: a local community of activists accelerating permaculture practice in their hometown and throughout the UK.