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Stuck in on a snow day? Want supplementary home learning resources? Or just taking the opportunity to expand your horizons? Here we have compiled a list of 8 top places to go for resources.

Landshare schemes connect people who have land with people nearby who are wanting to cultivate their own gardens, often to grow fruit and vegetables. This article tells the stories of people in the permaculture network who have successfully landshared.

Our team has been working really hard during the lockdowns to secure funding and invest in new opportunities so we can better support our members a

A message from 10+ Indigenous leaders and organizations

Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture offer narrow solutions to the climate crisis

We’re very happy to say that we now have a series of tested and thorough online permaculture courses available. Jemma Findley, Education Lead tells the story of our journey to get there. The vision from the outset was collaboration - Integrate rather than segregate. We wanted to serve the people, our educators, members and wider society and work together to broaden the reach of permaculture.