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Inside of eco coffin
Willow artist Ruth Thompson found a new way of working during lockdown that helped her develop her business.
Flowers in a field
Brighton Permaculture Trust has looked at permaculture and the pandemic in relation to resilience, based on a series of in depth and exploratory conversations within their community.
Mel was an extraordinary person, who made all who visited immediately at ease and at home. It was typical of many stories I heard about how she related to people; she would fully see and accept them for who they were, no judgment, a rare quality
In this video, Chris shows the gardens and orchards and some of his experiments at Applewood Permaculture Centre.
Sol-Haven is ideally placed to offer support, inspiration and education to those who seek a little more self-reliance. This post tells of how one permaculture site has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. As panic buying led to empty supermarket shelves, people became understandably concerned about food security. Many have become interested for the first time in ‘growing their own’ as sales of vegetable seeds online have soared and even poultry keeping reportedly increased. Sol-Haven are one of the organisations in their locality that prepare and cook food for homeless people and also provide online support to people due to lockdown, helping people stay mentality stimulated and physically active.