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Our newest holder of the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design explains the process through poetry.
Gardener tending salads at the Comfrey Project in Gateshead
A new resource pack will help many more community growing spaces become Gardens of Sanctuary.
Holly Silvester of RHS Bridgewater shows how you can save seed. Holly demonstrates Babingtons leek, a perennial that grows in Hulme Community Garden Centre's forest garden. "It's totally easy peasy, very simple."
Biotime, or biological time, runs at a very different pace and rhythm to human time. It can be observed by recording events in the natural world. These can be as varied as the day the first spring bulb opens, the last frost before summer, or the first sighting of a species of bird or insect in a new habitat.
Emmy Jenkins writes about her post National Permaculture Convergence 2018 experience at the LUSH Showcase in Manchester.