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1 day to go!

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Open Space kicks off at 2pm on Friday followed by a full programme of workshops on Saturday and Sunday

There Permaculture Scotland General Meeting will be held on the 5th of June at our gathering in Coldstream. The names and statements of those standing for election to the working group can be viewed below, further names may be added until the 30th May. If you wish to stand please email us a statement to be published here by 5pm on the 27th of May.

Join the 10th - 14th October Portugal Permaculture Research Convergence:

Here, practitioners and researchers come together to build skills, share strategies, and develop a convergent research agenda. Different sessions emphasize challenges faced by each group.

Since a significant number of people has joined PIRN, now it is time to go forward and develop together this exciting and promising research network.

New membership surveys have been delivered to the members of each PIRN subgroup. Please complete it in order to enrich and implement the PIRN itself.

I fell in love with alpacas years ago at an agricultural show. Their gentle intelligent faces with lips like camels went straight to my heart. I wanted to sink my fingers deep into their soft fleece but sadly alpacas don’t appreciate being cuddled. I promised myself that one day I would buy some land and keep alpacas.