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Today sees the launch of A People’s Food Policy – a ground-breaking manifesto outlining a people’s vision of food and farming in England that is supported by over 80 food and farming organisations. The report draws on 18 months of extensive, nation-wide consultations with grassroots organisations, NGOs, trade unions, community projects, small businesses and individuals. It has resulted in a set of policy proposals and a vision for change that is rooted in the lived experiences and needs of people most affected by the failures in the current food system.

Hi there! I’m Peter and I’m from Hungary, here’s my story:

I came across permaculture last autumn. I have heard the word before but never really knew what it was about, so I googled it.

Then my brain exploded. In a good way though, it exploded with this whole new world of knowledge that resonated with me and my values more than anything ever before.

After exploring the south of Scotland, from the East side to the West, I arrived to the Black Isle, a few miles away from Inverness, in the middle of the Highlands.

There, I met my new hosts Clive and Julie, a couple from London who had decided after almost two years of wwoofing in Northern Europe and in the UK to start a permaculture project of their own.

They bought a house with about 2.5 acres of land and woodland in August 2015, and since then have been working hard, designing and gardening. They were hosting a workshop over the weekend, so we spent the first couple of days after my arrival building the structure for a big hugelbed, that would be filled by the participants with wood, compost, cardboards and leaves.

We created and implemented a solar powered Internet Center that provided free permaculture and Information and Computer Technology (ICT) training to local farmers.

Our permaculture and information-sharing program provides free training in permaculture and Information Technology to farmers and to elected “information agents” from each farming group.

by Matt Dunwell

Over the last month we have been working on the first video translated to English from Columbian farmer and scientist Jairo Restrepo, a world expert in Biofertilisers and soil regeneration. Aptly titled Harvesting the Sun and filmed at Ragmans Jairo talks about the wonders of cow manure, soil microbes, trace elements, and their link with increased soil, plant and human health.