Coronavirus experts: Going into lockdown with disabled expertise

Coronavirus experts zine cover. Background image of pink apple blossom flowers and green leavesby Clare Bonetree

Living Together With Limits is an ongoing action research investigation by artist Clare Bonetree and friends, into the skills that disabled people bring to the challenge of designing a world where all beings can thrive.

The current crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic sometimes feels like a rehearsal for the climate crisis. In March 2020, 7 billion-odd people across the UK panicked about having to live within limits that they were not prepared for.

In May 2020, Living Together With Limits brought together disabled people to share skills we’ve learned through being disabled that have helped us deal with lockdown.

This is our zine. We hope you find it a useful resource for understanding how we see this crisis, and how we live with limits. We hope you find it a helpful contribution to the challenge we collectively face, of learning to live together in a world where material resources are finite, but care is infinite.

Read the zine online

Downloadable version for screen readers is available too.

For more information, or to get involved in Living Together With Limits, please contact Clare Bonetree: [email protected].