Pruning Course - Hockerton Housing Project

Pruning an apple tree in an orchardFifteen people learnt more about fruit tree pruning at Hockerton Housing Project in Nottinghamshire this month, thanks to support from the Permaculture Ambassadors Local Gathering fund.

Three target areas were proposed where participants could prune the apple trees at the same time as deepening a wider understanding of permaculture principles.

"Marc Richardson ran a very interesting and hands on workshop," said the project's director, Simon Tilley. "A dozen apple trees were pruned, along with several pear trees." Plum and peach trees were also discussed, but not pruned, as it is too early in the season for stone fruit trees.

Permaculture was discussed and explained at the start of the day, during lunch and in the tour of the site at the end of the session. Everyone who attended went away with their own action plan of how to bring what they learnt into practice, which included selecting the right rootstocks and how to make the most of harvests through apple juicing etc.

People having lunch around a table at the Hockerton Housing ProjectThese were some of the comments from people who took part: 

  • "It's given me confidence to know where to start pruning my existing fruit trees and I plan to plant more."
  • "We have about 30 fruit trees and in the past have got people to prune the trees. We will now do it ourselves and are also planning to get bees and chillies."
  • "I now have the confidence to prune fruit trees and this has sparked me to start planting and continue research into specific varieties suitable for my plot."

Over the next few months Hockerton Housing Project will be contacting those who attened the course on 9 February 2019 to promote further permaculture sessions, local sustainable activities and to help with networking.