5 funded PhD studentships in permaculture and radical grassroots innovation (Utrecht)

Type of job: 
full time

About the Job

Utrecht University (Netherlands) has opened five new positions for PhD candidates in the field of Transformation to Sustainability, with a focus on radical grassroots innovations in agriculture, looking at permaculture and community-supported agriculture (CSA).

The five PhD positions will have the following foci:

PhDs 1, 2 and 3 will investigate radical grassroots movements as spaces of unmaking. They will compare local initiatives of permaculture and of community supported agriculture as case studies purposively sampled in the Netherlands (PhD 1), Italy (PhD 2) and Germany (PhD 3), respectively. They will (i) identify how radical grassroots movements approach deliberate unmaking at the three different levels of the self, society and nature; (ii) uncover the causal mechanisms of unmaking at each level; (iii) uncover the interconnections of unmaking among levels.

PhDs 4 and 5 will investigate radical grassroots movements as agents of unmaking. They will investigate how different socioecological contexts respond to different attempts to unmaking, and the extent to which unmaking is a pre-condition for transformation. They will investigate samples of local initiatives equally split between permaculture and community supported agriculture in Italy and Germany (PhD 4), and the Netherlands and Spain (PhD 5).

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Closing date for applications: 
Saturday, 15 December, 2018